History: Year 3 (June 2002 - June 2003)

Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw

Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw continued their work with the Yothu Yindi curriculum, school holiday programs, assisting outside organisations with research and conducting their own research and planning activities. In addition to these activities a number of new programs were developed.

  • Dedicated Yalu site: In recognition of their expanding role in the community, Galiwin'ku community council allocated a free standing building as the Yalu’ Mar\githinyaraw office. Yalu’ Mar\githinyaraw workers decorated the interior of the building reflecting their focus on healthy lifestyle.
  • Powerpoint Presentation Itinerants program: Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw has been concerned for some time with the problem of relatives who are living a homeless lifestyle in Darwin (long grassers). In 2003, Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw formed a partnership with the Larrakia Nation (traditional owners for the Darwin area) and have been working with them to develop strategies to enable family members in Darwin to return home. This work has included working with the Community Patrol run by Mission Australia.
  • Family Gardens Project: In 2003, the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing commenced funding the community-based Family Gardens Project. It aims to work with families to make flowers blossom and foods grow; train a team of young people in gardening and horticulture; and encourage people to take pride in their own backyard and community. Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw instigated the proposal, and the Yalu Clan Management Committee oversee the project in collaboration with CDEP Landscaping Project and CDEP Market Gardens Project.
  • Core funding: The Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw project has been successful in securing a further 12 months funding, until June 2004, from the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services.
  • HIV/AIDS video: This was a collaboration with the |alka]buy Health Clinic, Aboriginal Resource and Development Services (ARDS), Marthakal Resource Centre, and Department of Health and Community Services.

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