History: Year 1 (May 2000 - June 2001)

Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw

During the first year, the Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw project focussed on working with families and community to promote healthy lifestyles using Yol\u practices as the right pathway to walk for physical, spiritual and emotional health.

  • Community Links: To actively promote a healthy lifestyle using Yol\u practices and stories the Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw project worked with other community organisations and agencies including:
    • Women’s Centre
    • Strong Women, Strong Babies, Strong Culture
    • Community Development Employment Program (CDEP)
    • Shepherdson College (the local school),
    • Galiwin'ku Council
    • the community Police Aid, and
    • the |alka]buy Health Centre
    • Aged Care (Meals on Wheels)
    • Homelands movement
    • Batchelor Institute for Indigenous Tertiary Education
    • Sport and Recreation (School Holiday Program)
  • Health Curriculum: Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw workers were invited to develop a curriculum for Yol\u children regularly attended weekly classes teaching about health and education in a Yol\u way
  • Healthy Lifestyle Festival: In collaboration with the |alka]buy Health Clinic the Healthy Lifestyle Festival incorporated 2 weeks of activities such as recreational activities and a music festival
  • School Holiday programs: During the long holidays (Bush holidays and Christmas) the Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw group worked collaboratively with the Health Centre to deliver Snapshot school holiday programs. These programs focused on traditional activities:
  • Campfire Nights: Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw conducted Snapshotcampfire nights” where community members from all clans and agencies were invited to attend. The focus of the activity was to promote harmony in the workplace and home
  • External Funding: In July 2001, the project received funding from the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services enabling the program to continue until 30 June 2003

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Year 1