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Mrs Joanne Garnggulkpuy Wanguri Clan
Clan: Wangurri
  • Galiwin’ku resident
  • Early Childhood Teacher
  • Employed as a Yol\u Teacher at Sheperdson College Galiwin'ku until 2001
  • Currently undertaking Diploma of Educational Management.
  • 2001 Supervisor Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw project
  • Chief Investigator CRCATH Funded Project 'Yol\u Theories of Transformation: The Yalu' Story'
  • Associate Investigator : Psychosocial Impact Indicators SCRIF Funded Project
  • Driving force of the research arm of the Yalu' Mar\githinyaraw Project.
  • Instrumental in developing Yothu Yindi school curriculum for local primary school
  • Collaborations with CRC for Aboriginal and Tropical Health; Menzies School of Health research; Northern Territory University (Faculty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies);
  • Key Women’s contact for NT Library Services
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