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Twenty videos have now been completed by the Project Team and those that were completed recently are being uploaded to the website and You Tube. The videos are also available on DVD from the Yalu Marŋgithinyaraw (email the Project Co-ordinator Rosemary Gundjarranbuy

Visit the Yalu Marŋgithinyaraw YouTube channel to view all our videos

Staying Healthy Videos

Dick Munuŋguyga ḻakaram dhäwu bamanpuy – a story about how Yolŋu stayed healthy in the past

Dick Munuŋgu talks about the lifestyle of Yolŋu in the past and how diet and exercise maintained health. Yolŋu language – no subtitles


Yolŋu at Galiwin’ku talk about how exercise can help control diabetes and maintain good health. Yolŋu language – no subtitles


Binydjurrwuy goes hunting and explains the positive benefits of traditional Yolŋu foods for health. Yolŋu language – no subtitles

Garrinbay (1) ga lakarram ŋathapuy dhawu

Garrinba tells a story about food from here younger days.

Diabetes Dhäwu -- Yolŋu food for staying healthy

Two Yolŋu men share their knowledge about how Yolŋu can stay healthy.

Gapu -- Water

Stories about how important water is to life.

Banthula Homeland residents share their ideas about health

Nhaltjan limurr dhu ŋurruŋu malŋmaram ga gulmaram dhuwali weyinŋumirr rerri? How can we prevent and manage chronic conditions?

Residents of Banthula homeland emphasise the importance of regular health checks, even when feeling well, and encourage Yolŋu, particularly young mothers, to make healthy food choices for themselves and their families.

Yolŋu language – no subtitles