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Twenty videos have now been completed by the Project Team and those that were completed recently are being uploaded to the website and You Tube. The videos are also available on DVD from the Yalu Marŋgithinyaraw (email the Project Co-ordinator Rosemary Gundjarranbuy

Visit the Yalu Marŋgithinyaraw YouTube channel to view all our videos

Yalu Marŋgithinyaraw: Chronic Diseases: Mental Health

Bamburruŋburruŋ Dhäwu – The Brain Story.

This video about mental health is based on a flip chart produced by Menzies School of Health Research which explains the function of the brain, what can go wrong and describes a number of common mental illnesses. A sound track in Yolŋu Matha interpreting the flip chart text has been recorded and a video produced. (Video projection originally commenced as part of a previous project and completed for distribution through this project).

Spoken Yolŋu language; some English text